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Sherlock stories are immortal

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle should be the credited as a genius writer. His stories on Sherlock Holmes continue to intrigue and entertain millions across generations for over a century now.

Countless adaptations of his stories across movies and TV have not dulled the audience into ennui. The latest offing on this immortalized detective is the BBC version of Sherlock. Season 3 started yesterday and I must say that is an exciting modern take on ageless hero. While I anticipate season 3, I am also catching up on the previous seasons and I must say I am enjoying thoroughly. Its been a long while since I was addicted to anything worth watching on TV and Sherlock certainly seems to have got me addicted.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a superb actior and his portrayal of Sherlock borders on engaging cocktail of charisma and arrogance. His performance is riveting and holds you for nearly 2 hours that each story takes. He is well supported by Martin Freeman as John Watson.

I recommend for all mystery lovers to not miss the latest and by far the most enigmatic portrayal of Sherlock. The series is produced by BBC and for India audiences it comes on AXN channel on Fridays 10 pm.