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Come general elections and political scene heating up

As the general elections of 2014 appear on the horizon, the political scene is headed for an exciting showdown.

What was mainly a two horse race for the center between NaMo’s promise of change to the GOP’s fervor to exploit coalition dynamics, is now turning into an interesting and unpredictable ¬†battle with AAP in the fray after their dynamic victory in Delhi. AAP has certainly shaken the political cocktail so much so that even James Bond would prefer it stirred and not shaken for once.

BJP exploited the anti UPA rhetoric to the fullest extent possible for winning the state elections, but going forward it would be prudent for them to focus more on the developmental and economic issues. They need to be mindful of what happened to them in 2009, when they had the early advantage in bashing the PM, but come elections the wind was taken out of their sail and we all know what happened. Hence, it is better of BJP can focus more on national issues of importance to the people of this country rather than just focusing on the shortcomings of UPA.

For AAP, this is a greenfield. Victory in Delhi is a good start. However, their early days in governance are turning out to be more media rhetoric than actual success on the ground. While it is the messiah-of-aam-aadmi tag that has propelled them on the political scene, it is better if they convince the people to let them focus on governance in order to achieve results. They have started somethings good, but giving into people pressure for every issue is not the way to govern. Since they have no real experience of governance, it is better they start small, gain useful experience and then attempt to make an impact; they so much promised. However, from what is being seen they are in a hurry to right every wrong and there is a fear that they are going to fade away as fast as they came.

GOP is the oldest hand, but stands the most vulnerable at this time. However, ignoring them would be at one’s own peril. They have the maximum experience with coalition politics and given the way regional parties now dominate the national scene, it may not be a surprise if they cobble up yet another coalition and forge UPA III on the nation. Today, they can be attributed as the dark horse in the election race and often we have seen dark horses blind everyone and race to victory.

So lets sit back and see the scene unfold. All of us have our duty to do what is right for the country and hopefully the people of this nation will make the right choices this time round.