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Move over Movies and Cricket, Politics is the new time pass

Thanks to NaMo’s fire brand campaign, AAP’s game changing election win and Congress’ numerous blunders, one thing that is trending is Politics. Take any conversation be it in coffee shops, be it in the canteen during lunch hour, be it the small talk over corporate meetings or be it on Facebook and twitter, everyone is passionately engaged in discussing about politics and upcoming elections. It is interesting to see people who always thought politics to be drab now find it intellectually stimulating.

Elections 2014 are certainly going to see a change of trend in Indian Politics. More and more learned class are now actively engaged in expressing their views and showing their willingness to participate in the electoral process. This can only be good for the country on the long run. We are already seeing the effects of people involvement in what happened with AAP and as more and more people get involved, it can only improve.

Lets calls this trend to be Indian-Political-Awakening and if it were to be plotted on Gartner’s hype curve, it would be placed on the curve rising towards peak of inflated expectations. What follows is the trough of disillusionment and that is what can happen post 2014 elections if we end up with a kichdi scenario with no clear winners leading to a cobbling of compromising coalitions. However, as a nation it is important for us to go this path to reach to slope of enlightenment that can last this nation for generations to come

So to say, I am loving this time pass and debates that ensue around the political positioning that takes place as we near the 2014 elections. Lets keep it going !!