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Does Imagination have a shelf life?

Today’s news on extreme weather conditions in US due to Polar Vortex makes you think if imagination has a shelf life before it is no longer imagination, but is reality !

Looking at the frozen Michigan lake with the backdrop of Chicago skyline reminds me of the Roland Emmerich’s 2004 disaster movie “The day after tomorrow”. I remember, when the movie was released people were wondering can such a thing happen and today Polar Vortex has turned that imagination into reality.

There are scores of such examples especially in the sci-fi genre, where what was considered as a figment of imagination of the writer, author or movie maker is now reality. Remember Arthur C. Clarke’s path breaking 2001: space odyssey where he had imagined space travel beyond the realms of Moon and today we have probes like Voyager entering the interstellar space. Remember Star Wars and Star Trek having holographic virtual images of people taking to each other and today we have Tele presence gear in meetings

So what explains this? Should we say that authors/writers/movie makers are far sighted and are seeing things that can be turned into reality or is it just happenstance. My view is that in case of nature, perhaps there are phenomenon that we are beginning to unravel and that is helping us weave an imagination that could be reality someday. However, in case of scientific invention and discovery, it is perhaps the ubiquitous nature of human endeavor to make the impossible, possible that is helping us turn imagination to reality. Others are welcome to share their views